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Whatever brought you to this website, whether by search, accident or curiosity, no matter, I am happy to meet you! My name is David Elliott and I'm a healer. My latest book Healing is a result of twenty years experience in this field and I am happy to share it and my website with you now.

I believe healing is the journey back to the natural state of balance and harmony that is called love. Healing becomes necessary when contact is lost with that natural state. There are many ways healing can take place, but the one constant is for you to be connected to you. The purpose of Healing is to help you discover the power to heal yourself. When you are willing to accept responsibility for everything you create in your life, you can heal.

Some of the information you will encounter will hit you where you need it most; where you are stuck! Try to open your heart and let it in. I do care about you. I encourage you to do the exercises and spend the time to get the healing you deserve. I wrote this book because it is my purpose and commitment to share what I have learned and to help as many people as I possibly can in this lifetime.

Are you ready? Let's go!

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